The Integration Investigation™
Diamond works closely with multiple departments in your organization to determine your level of operational efficiency.


We listen to the individuals in your company to find out what success really means to the people who work hard for your company every day.


The Diamond Difference™ is about alignment. From the boardroom to the manufacturing floor.

The Touch Analyzer™
The journey your materials take from the supplier to the finished product tells a story.


Diamond listens closely to that story to discover the roadblocks and detours that hold you back.

The Simplifier Modeler™
The Simplifier Modeler™ represents a revolutionary way for you to fully realize the most effective supply chain for your production process.


It’s designed to give you an overarching view of production at multiple levels of your organization.

The Process Connector™
No great change can happen without a plan, and your company’s transformation is no different.


The Process Connector™ represents Diamond’s ability to plan for the inevitable, prepare for the unexpected, and aim for success.

The Direction Deployment™
The Direction Deployment™ is where the plan comes together.


Diamond carries out the strategy it outlined, and your business begins operating under a clearer, more aligned production model.

The Accountability Assurance Tool™
We want to make sure your relationship with Diamond will be a lasting one.


The Accountability Assurance Tool™ is our way of holding ourselves accountable for the commitment we made to you.