Company Saves $200K in Direct/Indirect Yearly Costs

This client operates in the technological communication industry, specializing in first tier government and military contracts on the level of Lockheed Martin and Grumman.


The current bin stock program was ineffective for the diversity of assembly lines, in that there was no way for the client to track which items were being utilized in which products. Therefore, the client was unable to attribute real cost production amounts in each assembly or product.

Company Reduces Production Delays with VMI System

The subject of this study is an established global distribution and diversified aerospace, defense, mining, and marine manufacturer, providing complex heavy machinery, technical components, and contract manufacturing services.


The client was experiencing numerous detrimental and costly business and production occurrences that were affecting productivity, profits, and customer service.

Small Bin Stocking Program Huge Impact

This US based firm is a leader in the development, engineering, and manufacturing of shock and vibration isolation systems, specializing in providing shock qualified systems for military and private industry applications.


The client suffered from widespread lack of planning which negatively influenced the production process by generating repeated outages, rush material orders, and weekly, physical pick-ups by the president of the company. The continued stock outs shut down production line operations, wasting labor and endangering customer relations.