Panel screws are specially designed screws that remain attached to a panel via a retaining washer or a similar item, to ensure that the panel screw does not become disengaged when its threads are not in use with a receptacle. Panel screws are often utilized in several applications to prevent the loss of screws. There are several different types of panel screws, and they are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. At Diamond Fasteners, you be able to find a large inventory of panel screws suitable for many applications in military, industrial and commercial industries. We stock a full range of panel screws in many types and sizes, including hex, slotted, unslotted, and more, so that you can always find the components you need. All panels screws are DFAR compliant.


MS51896 Cross Recessed Pan Head Externall Relieved body Panel Screw, Corrosion Resisting Steel, UNC-2A (S/S By NASM51896, 21 JUL 1983). Panel Screws come in different types and sizes including: MS21269, MS25087, MS3498, MS51896, NAS1301. MS51896 MS51896A, MILITARY STANDARD, SCREW, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY, PANHEAD, CROSS-RECESSED, CORROSION-RESISTING STEEL, UNC-2A (21 JUL 1983) [S/S BY NASM51896] SPEC SHEET […]

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