Military Specification Fasteners

military specification fastenersMilitary and aerospace contractors who create machinery and equipment rely on parts and hardware that have been tested to meet military standards — referred to as “mil-spec” hardware because it meets military specifications. Mil-spec products should all include manufacturer’s certification. Military-Spec Screws and Other Fasteners may be used in a number of applications in a wide range of industries. Mil-spec nuts are paired with bolts to fasten materials in military, government, aerospace, automotive or industrial applications. These fasteners are made of steel, including stainless steel.

How Military Specification Fasteners are classified:

AN, MS, NAS, and Mil-Spec Series Fasteners

AN, or “Army-Navy” bolts, refer to the heavy duty grade demanded by the United States Military. AFI stocks over 500 products to the AN standard, including aircraft bolts, inserts, helicoils, hex nuts, and more.

Typically, an AN bolt or fastener requires cadmium plating to provide superior resistance to corrosion. Cadmium allows these bolts to outperform a standard commercial grade equivalent, which usually offers a zinc plating.

Threads for Army-Navy (AN) bolts are manufactured using a pressing process, as opposed to the typical cutting method, which helps to maintain superior strength throughout the entirety of the component.

Categories include Mil-Spec bolts; Mil-Spec Machine Screws; Mil-Spec Nuts; Mil-Spec Self Tapping Screws; Mil-Spec Sockets; Mil-Spec Washers and Mil-Spec Pins. Militaryspec bolts are available with either coarse or fine threads, and are made from a range of materials with different finishes.