MS21087 Mil- Standard Self Locking Nut Plate, Side by Side, Reduced Rivet Spacing, Low height, Cres 125 KSI FTU, 450 Deg F and 800 Deg F(S/S by NASM21087 25 FEB 1992) Military Standard Nut plates are available in several sizes and types; other standards include: MS14179, MS20501, MS21047, MW21048, MS21049, MS21050, MS21051, MS21052, MS21054, MS21055, MS21056, MS21058, MS21059, MS21060, MS21061, MS21062, MS21069, MS21070, MS21071, MS21072, MS21073, MS21074, MS21075, MS21076, MS21077, MS21078, MS21080, MS21081, MS21082, MS21086, MS21087, NAS1791, NAS1803, NAS1803, NAS463: MS21087 MS21087B, MILITARY STANDARD: NUT, SELF-LOCKING, PLATE, SIDE BY SIDE REDUCED RIVET SPACING, LOW HEIGHT, CRES, 125 KSI FTU, 450 DEG. AND 800 DEG. F (25 FEB 1992) [S/S BY NASM21087]