NAS6720 Close Tolerance Hex Head Tension Bolt, Long Thread, Reduced Major Thread Dia., Self and Non Locking, A286 Cres, 160 KSI FTU, 1.25-12 UNJF-3A. NAS Bolts come in different types and sizes including: NAS1003, NAS1096, NAS1103, NAS1160, NAS1202, NAS1218, NAS1297, NAS1303, NAS144, NAS1580, NAS1581, NAS2813, NAS428, NAS464, NAS501, NAS563, NAS6203, NAS6204, NAS6205, NAS6207, NAS6208, NAS6209, NAS6210, NAS6212, NAS6214, NAS6216, NAS624, NAS6303, NAS6603, NAS6703, NAS6704, NAS6705, NAS6706, NAS6707, NAS6708, NAS6709, NAS6710, NAS6712, NAS6714, NAS6716, NAS6718, NAS6720, NAS6803. NAS6720 BOLT, TENSION, HEX HEAD, CLOSE TOLERANCE, A286 CRES, LONG THREAD, REDUCED MAJOR THREAD DIA., SELF-LOCKING AND NONLOCKING, 160 KSI FTU 1.2500-12 UNJF-3A