MS90728 Hex Head (Finished Hexagon Bolt) Plain and Self Locking Cap Screw, Alloy Steel, Grade 8 Zinc Coated UNC-2A (S/S By ANSI-B18.2.1, 4 NOV 1988). MS Bolts come in different types and sizes including: MS14181, MS16187, MS16205, MS16208, MS18154, MS20004, MS20005, MS20006, MS20007, MS20008, MS20009, MS20010, MS20012, MS20015, MS20017, MS20020, MS20024, MS20073, MS20074, MS21091, MS21092, MS21094, MS21095, MS21096, MS21097, MS21134, MS21140, MS21141, MS21250, MS21279, MS21288, MS21296, MS21297, MS21316, MS27576, MS35308, MS35310, MS35751, MS51095, MS51096, MS51575, MS51576, MS90725, MS90726, MS90727, MS90728, MS9574, MS9575, MS9576. MS90728G, MILITARY STANDARD: SCREW, CAP, HEXAGON HEAD (FINISHED HEXAGON BOLT), ALLOY STEEL, GRADE 8, ZINC COATED UNC-2A, PLAIN AND SELF-LOCKING (04 NOV 1988) [SUPERSEDED BY ANSI-B18.2.1].