MS27643 Self Aligning, Double Row, Anti Friction, Heavy duty Ball Bearing, Airframe, CNCL S/S By SAE AS27643. Bearings and Bushings can be found in different types and sizes including: MS14101, MS14198, MS14238, MS14315, MS17795, MS17796, MS19059, MS19060, MS19061, MS19068, MS21154, MS21240, MS21254, MS27120, MS27643, MS27975, MS27976, MS35812, NAS1193, NAS354, NAS42, NAS43, NAS47, NAS537, NAS538, NAS559, NAS562, NAS75, NAS76, NAS75. MS27643 BEARING, BALL, AIRFRAME, ANIT-FRICTION, SELF-ALIGNING, DOUBLE ROW, HEAVY DUTY CNCL S/S SAE AS27643