MS20470 Aluminum Alloy and Titanium Columbium Alloy Universal Head Solid rivet. S/S By NASM 20470, 14 Sep 1993. Rivets, Collars, & Riv Nuts are available in different types and styles including: MS14218, MS14219, MS16535, MS16536, MS20426, MS20427, MS20470, MS20600, MS20601, MS20604, MS20605, MS20613, MS20615, MS24661, MS24662, MS90353, MS90354, NAS1329, NAS1330, NAS1398, NAS1399, NAS528. MS20470 – MS20470H, MILITARY STANDARD, RIVET, SOLID UNIVERSAL HEAD, ALUMINUM ALLOY AND TITANIUM COLUMBIUM ALLOY (14 SEP 1993) [S/S BY NASM20470]